How Do You Feel About Money?

Connecting the dots between emotions and financial well-being.

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Decipher is an interactive experience that uses emotion recognition technology to help you better understand how you feel about money and investing. Based on your reactions to scenarios presented to you, it provides a customized report with insights and guidance to help you make smarter financial decisions.

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Experience Decipher In 3 Simple Steps


Watch a video on life scenarios that are relevant to you


Your facial reactions will be measured by artificial intelligence


Receive your personalized report based on your reactions


Are you curious to learn how you really feel about money?

Decipher helps uncover your subconscious reactions and feelings about money. Simply answer a few questions, and watch a short video. We capture your emotional responses to various real-life scenarios, and provide you with a personalized report.

Why take the assessment?

Explore your emotions

Money is a complicated and often emotional subject. With Decipher, you can uncover your subconscious attitudes about your finances.

Make Smarter Decisions

An in-depth assessment of your priorities and concerns helps ensure that your financial well-being is managed according to what is most important to you.

Success through partnership

Work with an advisor to build a plan that significantly improves the likelihood of achieving your goals.